American English Phonetics

Another American English Faculty Project

This website supports the American English Phonetics course as taught by the English Department of Radboud University Nijmegen. The text was originally written and edited by Ton Broeders, Carlos Gussenhoven, and Victoria Urkewich. The course has been taught since the start of the American Studies program in 1988. Former teachers were Susan Davidsmeyer, Emily Embree, and Joe Niski; current teacher is Nicole Verberkt.

The following people have contributed to this website.

  • Robert Slangen – technical support, website development, audio and text editing
  • Raymond Zahradnik, Jochem de Jong – studio crew
  • Melanie van der Elsen – text formatting
  • Peter Slomanson – voice Pronunciation List
  • Nicole Verberkt – text editing, transcriptions, voice