American English Phonetics

Another American English Faculty Project

The second column gives the SF, the third the WF, and the fourth column gives an illustration of the use of the WF.

The following gradation words have not been discussed so far:

  SF WF Example
as æz əz as white as snow
than ðæn ðən better than ever
and ænd ən black and blue
but bʌt bət poor but happy
or ɔr ər three or four
because bɪkɑːz bɪkəz not because I like it

The SFs occur when the words are stressed. The SF of than will not normally occur. As, on the other hand, frequently has its SF at the beginning of a clause. It is always /æz/ when it is equivalent to Dutch naarmate: As /æz/ the gale increased in force, more and more reports of uprooted trees and blown-off rooftops were coming in.