American English Phonetics

Another American English Faculty Project


  • Adjectives ending in –igible / ɪd͡ʒəbl/ have the stress on the fourth syllable from the end, as in ˈeligible (verkieslijk), inˈcorrigibleˈnegligible.
  • The verbal suffix –ize does not change the stress of the base: ˈcharacter and ˈcharacterize.
  • The suffix –ization is usually pronounced /əˈzeɪʃn/, as in organization /ˈɔrgənəˈzeɪʃn/, labialization /ˈleɪbiələˈzeɪʃn/.
  • The suffix –ee always has main stress: trustee /trʌˈstiː/, employee /ˈɛmplɔɪˈiː/, refugee /ˈrɛfjəˈd͡ʒiː/.