American English Phonetics

Another American English Faculty Project

The Basic V-phonemes of AN

Lax Tense
Monophthongs Diphthongs
/ɪ/ – bit /i/ – biet /ɛi/ – bijt
/ʏ/ – put /y/ – fuut /œy/ – buit
/ɛ/ – bed /u/ – boet /ɔu/ – bout
/ɑ/ – bad /eˑ/ – beet
/ɔ/ – bod /øˑ/ – leut
/ ə/ – alle /oˑ/ – boot
/aˑ/ – baat

Note that the vowels /i, y, u/ are short, except before /r/. And also note that the tense vowels /eˑ, øˑ, oˑ/ are diphthongs, except before /r/. Note, too, that the weak /ə/ has been included here with the strong vowels.

The following marginal vowels occur in AN:

/iː/ as in analyse /ɛ̃/ as in bulletin
/yː/ as in centrifuge /ɑ̃/ as in nuance
/uː/ as in rouge /ɔ̃/ as in bon ton
/ɛː/ as in serre
/œː/ as in manoeuvre
/ɔː/ as in controle

The six vowels on the left are long, and their symbols have a length-mark. The three vowels on the right are nasalized, and over their symbols a tilde has been placed to indicate this. A vowel is nasalized when some of the air flows out through the nose.