American English Phonetics

Another American English Faculty Project

The C-system of AN

Obstruents Sonorants
Stops Fricatives Nasals Approximants
/p, b/ Piet, biet /f, v/ fee, vee /m/ mee /l/ la
/t, d/ tak, dak /s, z/ C, zee /n/ nee /r/ ra
/k, g/ keel, goelasj /ʃ, ʒ/ sjokken, jury /ŋ/ eng /j/ ja
/x, ɣ/ chloor, geel /ʋ/ wie
/h/ hal

Note that the two marginal consonant phonemes of AN, /g/ and /ʒ/, have been included in the above table. It is also important to note that most speakers of AN have no /ɣ/ in their system and pronounce logend and loochent as well as chloor and gloor alike. If you are one of them, ignore /ɣ/, and always use /x/ in your transcriptions. Also AN /v/ may be absent from the C-system of speakers of AN, or may be restricted to intervocalic positions.

By way of illustration, transcriptions are here given of the pairs of Dutch words given in the first chapter.

01 wendde wenden | /ˈʋɛndə/
02 (ik) teken (een) teken | /ˈteˑkən/ /ˈteˑkə/
03 jou jouw | /jɔu/
04 u uw | /y/ /yʋ/
05 ik vil hem ik film | /(ɪ)k ˈfɪləm/
06 Baarn baren | /ˈbaˑrən/ /ˈbaˑrə/
07 niet Sien niets zien | /nit ˈsin/
08 hij gaat gaat hij? | /hɛi/ /i/
09 kastje kasje | /ˈkɑʃə/
10 (ik ken) haar (lang) haar | /(d)ər/ /haˑr/

Here are some AN words. Please give their orthography.

01 /ˈbɑkər/
02 /maˑnt
03 /bɑŋ/
04 /sxɪp/
05 /ˈloˑpə/
06 /rɔu/
07 /kɑpiˈtɛin/
08 /ˈkrɛːmspulɪŋ/
09 /bœydəldir/
10 /ˈsɛstəx/
11 /ˈmujləkər/
12 /ˈzɔntflut/