American English Phonetics

Another American English Faculty Project

The gradation words of GA are presented in tables: the second column gives the SF, the third the WF, and the fourth column gives an illustration of the use of the WF.

  Strong Form Weak Form Example
a ə a book
an æn ən an ordeal
the ðiː ðə

Before V: ði

the milk

the oil

The SFs of the articles occur when they are accented, as in He is ˈthe /ðiː/ man for the job. Note, however, that /ðə/ may be the accented form of the as in I said ˈthe /ðə/ or /ˈðiː/ book, not a /eɪ/ book.
Some varieties use /ðə/ regardless of the following phoneme: the eagle: [ðə ʔːgl].